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About the use of Cookies:
We at STIMMMEMacaé want to customize your access experience on our website. Therefore, we store your browsing habits and other information to improve your experience with us.


And we do this by storing cookies on your device.


And what are Cookies?
These are small files that are added to our users' devices to customize and improve their experience on the platform. In addition, these cookies are used to analyze traffic and let you know that the user has browsed through certain websites. This technology does not give access to the user's devices or collect information that the user has chosen not to report, it only collects what you choose to tell us.


What types of Cookies do we use?
Strictly necessary:
Strictly necessary cookies, as the name implies, are essential for the website to function, so they cannot be turned off from our system. It is common for these cookies to be set in response to certain actions that correspond to a request for a service. You can use your browser settings to block it, but that means parts of the site will not function properly.


Segmentation / Advertising
We or our marketing and advertising service providers store these cookies. The usefulness of these is to analyze user preferences and advertise according to their interests, denying these cookies means receiving less targeted advertising, that is, interests are not taken into account.


These cookies make it possible to count visits to the website, as a result of which we obtain metrics of our performance, to know where we can improve. They help us to identify which pages are receiving the least and most visits, as well as understanding where these hits are coming from.


How to avoid these Cookies?
You can click on “help”, within the settings of the browser you use to see how to prevent cookies from being accepted, as well as to be notified when you receive new cookies, deactivate existing ones, check their validity etc._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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