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Terms of use

1. Acceptance of the terms of use
Your use of this site implies your full and complete acceptance of these Terms of Use. Therefore, your careful reading is essential.


This instrument regulates the use of our website and all services and products offered by SIND TRAB IND METAL MEC MAT ELET DE MACAE R OSTRAS C ABREU, a legal entity governed by private law, headquartered at Av. Presidente Sodré, 316, Sls 501 and 502, Ed. Flávia (headquarters), Macaé - RJ, registered with the CNPJ under No. 30.419.774/0001-12  and under the trade name STIMMMEMacaé.


The use of our platform also submits you to the other terms, regulations, policies, notices that are made available to the user, as well as the updating of these documents.


2. Access conditions
Our website is available for free access to all users, but may contain our own or third-party services and products that may be charged. Initially, no registration is necessary to access the site, so they are considered open services, while for those that require registration, registrations, etc., they are considered closed services.

For the proper use of the so-called closed services, the user must submit data and he declares from now that all the information presented is true and correct and declares to be aware that he will be responsible for the false or errors and information presented.

If you are a minor, you must refrain from using our platform and ask your parents or guardians to use the platform, services or products. 

The user declares that he agrees and undertakes to use our website, services or products only for the permitted purposes and in accordance with the terms contained in this instrument and that he is fully responsible for the use in disagreement with our Terms of Use, and must assume all the consequences of this attitude, recognizing that STIMMMEMacaé has no responsibility for these acts before him or third parties. It is also liable for any and all damages caused to STIMMMEMacaé.

Access to our website does not allow you to use, copy, reproduce, modify, etc. any content, service or product. Sharing with social networks is allowed, however, the user who does so is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of these sites.

3. Privacy Policy
All information regarding the protection of users' privacy can be found in the Privacy Policy (link to the page) of STIMMMEMacaé.

4. Responsibilities
STIMMMEMacaé always seeks to provide access to the website, services and products with the highest possible quality, so there may be cases in which this provision may be momentarily interrupted, so that technical and operational repairs can be carried out (scheduled or not). If you experience any issues with our platform, please contact us as soon as possible.

Our platform may accept to expose third-party banners, buttons, backlinks, tools, etc., with this, the user must be aware that by clicking on them, they will be redirected to other places outside our responsibility, and should seek to read and accept the terms of use of these third parties. .

On the pages of our website there may be spaces for users to comment, they declare that any and all content published will only be their responsibility, responding for losses and damages caused to STIMMMEMacaé to third parties. If you see anything offensive or otherwise harmful, please contact us immediately.

STIMMMEMacaé values the confidentiality and security of all its users, therefore, it adopts security measures to protect your registration data provided by you at some point. But we emphasize that no mechanism is 100% safe, therefore, TESS BRAZIL will not be held liable for damages resulting from unforeseeable circumstances and/or force majeure.

5. Intellectual property
All brands, logo, logo, content, images, slogan, trade name of symbols of any kind that are linked to STIMMMEMacaé or its partners are for the exclusive use of their owners. 

The free access to our site does not grant, under any circumstances, authorization, assignment or licensing to use any intellectual property of STIMMMEMacaé.

To use STIMMMEMacaé's intellectual property, it is necessary to make a formal request, in our service channel, which is approved by our board of directors.

6. Report of violation of the terms of use
If, during the use of our website, services or products, the user detects any irregularity with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy or any illegal activity under the legislation of the Federative Republic of Brazil, he can notify STIMMMEMacaé.

In his communication, the user must present in as much detail as possible what led him to report such a situation.

STIMMMEMacaé, after evaluating the situation, may remove, if there are technical conditions for it, content, product, services, etc., which are contrary to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and/or national law.

7. Change in Terms of Use
We are always looking for the best for our users and customers, so, eventually, STIMMMEMacaé may change the Terms of Use.

Therefore, the user must constantly consult the Terms of Use page so that, if he disagrees with the change, he can contact STIMMMEMacaé or simply discontinue using the platform.

8. Applicable legislation
This Term of Use is governed by the legislation in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Any dispute that must be discussed in court must be judged by the law of this country and in its courts, with the city of Macaé, State of Rio de Janeiro, being elected, from now on, as the only competent court.

9. Contact us 
You can talk to STIMMMEMacaé through, whenever you have any questions or any need to contact our team.

It is important to be aware (a) and verify that the Terms of Use is the most updated version, when browsing our platform. 

It is a great pleasure for STIMMMEMacaé to respond to all contacts.

Last update: 07/27/2022

CNPJ: 30.419.774/0001-12

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